Thursday, June 7, 2007

The day I dreamt Thom Yorke

Tonight I had a strange dream.
It is very complex, so I will try my best to write it down.

I am at home with my girlfriend.
Upstrairs from us, lives a girl, and we are in love too.

So I'm in love both with my actual girlfriend and with the girl from upstairs.

I go to the girl from upstairs, I kiss her, I tell her I love her but I'm sorry, I also love my girlfriend.

Then I turn into "director" mode. It looks like I am "shooting" my own dream. I am able to decide the camera angle, and even see a scene again if I liked it.
The "top" scene is when I "film" myself strolling around town (a seaside town) with my girlfriend Greta, and suddenly my head turns into a small golf ball then back to normal.
I enjoyed the scene so much I watched it again, in the dream.

At the end of the dream, we are sitting down at a café, near the beach. On the beach there are rocks, big rocks, and there are people sitting there. Amongst them, is Thom Yorke. Eheheheh yes. Beside him, a telephone.

Me and Greta know that if we call him on the phone, he is able to then call an indian guru (think of a sai baba type of guru) - and the indian guru will then straighten up all things that are going wrong.

So we make the call.

All people on the beach run away in fear, all but Thom Yorke.
He answers the phone and...

the dream is over.

Did you like the movie? :D

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