Wednesday, April 25, 2007

A new sickness

Some results from a blood exam came in
I was with my family.

One of the value was wrong, and it meant I had "new" sickness, simething like HIV but different.

I don't trust doctors, so I started saying i wouldnt want to get cured.

Then I remembered, the blood exam was for my grandma and not for me, so I told so to my parents, we were eating toghether and my grandma was there too.

My grandma said: "what? did I do anything wrong?" and I said "No no, don't worry". But I was relieved the sickness was not mine.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Being a woman

Yesterday I dreamt

that i was a woman, perhaps my girlfriend.

that i had a boyfriend, he was studying philosophy.
I wanted to fuck in the elevator, but he didn't want to.
He had a big book.

I left him to himself and went my way, I had to go to a work interview
On my way, walking, I was thinking I was disgusted of him, he was ugly, I wanted an handsome man.

Then I had to take the bus, I was in my hometown Milano. Buses were weird. They had been friendly "hijacked" by pro hemp legalisation campaigners, plus there was a public bus service strike.

I took one of the hijacked bus, it had weird drawings and a weird shape. The bus didn't go in the direction I needed. So I couldn't make it to the interview.

Monday, April 9, 2007

The prison

I'm in a prison. I live there.
It's not a real prison. It's like a big house, and everything seems cool. Some people are doing drugs and they seem allright, not scared, only a bit uneasy, if anything.
They seem to know they are not really free, but they don't care.
I notice I cannot get out of that house.
I start to think I am in a prison that looks like a house.
My parents are in the prison too, they are quiet and don't notice anything weird.

Somehow I get to know the door of the prison is open 4 hours a week. Some people go out for a walk and come back. I don't know why they are coming back... why don't they stay out?

Anyway, that's what I am going to do. I'm going to escape.

My dreamension

From now on I will start using this blog to keep track of my dreams.