Tuesday, August 7, 2007

The ship

I am fighting some kind of naval war...
then I somehow end up on the enemy ship... life is good there
Sun is shining, I sunbathe...
On the ship there is also a canteen, and... fuck, there is my workplace too.
Still, I am relaxed and enjoying the sun.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

The day I dreamt Thom Yorke

Tonight I had a strange dream.
It is very complex, so I will try my best to write it down.

I am at home with my girlfriend.
Upstrairs from us, lives a girl, and we are in love too.

So I'm in love both with my actual girlfriend and with the girl from upstairs.

I go to the girl from upstairs, I kiss her, I tell her I love her but I'm sorry, I also love my girlfriend.

Then I turn into "director" mode. It looks like I am "shooting" my own dream. I am able to decide the camera angle, and even see a scene again if I liked it.
The "top" scene is when I "film" myself strolling around town (a seaside town) with my girlfriend Greta, and suddenly my head turns into a small golf ball then back to normal.
I enjoyed the scene so much I watched it again, in the dream.

At the end of the dream, we are sitting down at a café, near the beach. On the beach there are rocks, big rocks, and there are people sitting there. Amongst them, is Thom Yorke. Eheheheh yes. Beside him, a telephone.

Me and Greta know that if we call him on the phone, he is able to then call an indian guru (think of a sai baba type of guru) - and the indian guru will then straighten up all things that are going wrong.

So we make the call.

All people on the beach run away in fear, all but Thom Yorke.
He answers the phone and...

the dream is over.

Did you like the movie? :D

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Me and Fra at the psychedelic café

There's me, there's my friend Francesco.
We are somewhere in Milano, I guess.

It's night.
We have to go to see someone playing live, or anyway some kind of show, and we are supposed to sleep in the street for the night.

It's very late at night.

We end up in a café. Not really a posh one. Rather, the opposite of posh, it's very run-down. The bartender is completely bored, he wears a t-shirt with some kind of stains on it, like coffee stains. Overall, the shop looks dirty.

We order something to drink. Francesco asks for a tea, I ask for some warm milk.
The bartender gives the tea to Francesco, and gives me a coffee with some milk in eat.

... I don't ask for my warm milk, I decide not to drink the coffee.

I have a look out of the café. I see homeless people sleeping at the sides of the road, under bushes, or even in plain site. I go back into the café.

Francesco shows me the reason why we are there.
We get into a room, where there are a few chairs an nothing else. We sit on the chairs, the lights are turned off, and suddenly the whole room is filled with rotating coloured cubes and various rotating shapes, and we fly through them in our chairs that are chairs no more (I don't feel like I am sitting on a chair), in wonder.

Then the light is turned on, I realize I'm still on my chair inside an empty room.

Francesco says there are other places like this, but this one is by far the better one, there is more space in the room.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

The haunted house

I was in a house.
A dark house, by night.
I am alone I think. I am confined to one or two rooms.

Noone tells me I am confined to those rooms but I just know that I am not supposed to go out.

Anyway, I get out.

The rooms are very dark, checkered tiles on the floor.

A little girl is skating around. There are other people too, but I don't rememeber...

Everyone seems silent and scared.

I dont remember much more.

Friday, May 4, 2007


Tonight I dreamt I had a son from my girlfriend.
He was a few years old when I saw him, he was already speaking, and he seemed so intelligent.

My mom was very happy, and so were we (me and by gf).

Nice dream.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

A new sickness

Some results from a blood exam came in
I was with my family.

One of the value was wrong, and it meant I had "new" sickness, simething like HIV but different.

I don't trust doctors, so I started saying i wouldnt want to get cured.

Then I remembered, the blood exam was for my grandma and not for me, so I told so to my parents, we were eating toghether and my grandma was there too.

My grandma said: "what? did I do anything wrong?" and I said "No no, don't worry". But I was relieved the sickness was not mine.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Being a woman

Yesterday I dreamt

that i was a woman, perhaps my girlfriend.

that i had a boyfriend, he was studying philosophy.
I wanted to fuck in the elevator, but he didn't want to.
He had a big book.

I left him to himself and went my way, I had to go to a work interview
On my way, walking, I was thinking I was disgusted of him, he was ugly, I wanted an handsome man.

Then I had to take the bus, I was in my hometown Milano. Buses were weird. They had been friendly "hijacked" by pro hemp legalisation campaigners, plus there was a public bus service strike.

I took one of the hijacked bus, it had weird drawings and a weird shape. The bus didn't go in the direction I needed. So I couldn't make it to the interview.

Monday, April 9, 2007

The prison

I'm in a prison. I live there.
It's not a real prison. It's like a big house, and everything seems cool. Some people are doing drugs and they seem allright, not scared, only a bit uneasy, if anything.
They seem to know they are not really free, but they don't care.
I notice I cannot get out of that house.
I start to think I am in a prison that looks like a house.
My parents are in the prison too, they are quiet and don't notice anything weird.

Somehow I get to know the door of the prison is open 4 hours a week. Some people go out for a walk and come back. I don't know why they are coming back... why don't they stay out?

Anyway, that's what I am going to do. I'm going to escape.

My dreamension

From now on I will start using this blog to keep track of my dreams.