Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Me and Fra at the psychedelic café

There's me, there's my friend Francesco.
We are somewhere in Milano, I guess.

It's night.
We have to go to see someone playing live, or anyway some kind of show, and we are supposed to sleep in the street for the night.

It's very late at night.

We end up in a café. Not really a posh one. Rather, the opposite of posh, it's very run-down. The bartender is completely bored, he wears a t-shirt with some kind of stains on it, like coffee stains. Overall, the shop looks dirty.

We order something to drink. Francesco asks for a tea, I ask for some warm milk.
The bartender gives the tea to Francesco, and gives me a coffee with some milk in eat.

... I don't ask for my warm milk, I decide not to drink the coffee.

I have a look out of the café. I see homeless people sleeping at the sides of the road, under bushes, or even in plain site. I go back into the café.

Francesco shows me the reason why we are there.
We get into a room, where there are a few chairs an nothing else. We sit on the chairs, the lights are turned off, and suddenly the whole room is filled with rotating coloured cubes and various rotating shapes, and we fly through them in our chairs that are chairs no more (I don't feel like I am sitting on a chair), in wonder.

Then the light is turned on, I realize I'm still on my chair inside an empty room.

Francesco says there are other places like this, but this one is by far the better one, there is more space in the room.

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